Down In Flames: Release Blitz 


Title: Down in Flames

Author: Jennifer Siddoway

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance, Fantasy

Cover Designer: Bridgette O’Hare/Wit and Whimsy Cover Design

✔️Release date: October 28, 2017

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Dealing with the Devil (Book 1):

The Devil’s Due (Book 2):

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Months after living in the Demon Realm, Wynn finally manages to break free. Her return is met with confusion and mixed signals, especially from her mother, Michele, who is awake on the other side. Aidan has vowed to destroy them both and won’t give up until he achieves Wynn’s complete submission.

Caleb is hurt after being abandoned suddenly, and isn’t ready to forgive her yet. Even still, he reluctantly agrees to join forces and bring Aidan down once and for all.

Wynn knows what she has to do, and their journey takes them on a voyage through Heaven, Hell and the Garden of Eden, collecting the sacred objects, and people, necessary for their success.

Will they bring the Demon Lords to their knees, or is her story destined to end going down in flames?


Lost Boy: Review 

Review and graphic by Taylor

Rating: 5 Stars

Once again Hahn has out done herself! Lost Boy was everything I needed and wanted in a sequel! 

The action and adventure she can pack into her books is truly awe inspiring. I always feel like I’m right in the middle of the action. 

Once Neverland has its Hook in you, you can’t ever truly escape.

I’d love to see what she can do with other fairytale classics. If they could be anything like this, I’d jump on that bandwagon in a heartbeat. 

Gimme more Hahn! 


Third Base: Review 

Review by Taylor

Rating: 5 Stars 

I love sports romances! They are probably my favorite type of romance story. I don’t know if it’s because I grew up in a sports loving family, or I just love the way a man looks in baseball pants. Either way I definitely love to imagine these sporty men in their gear. 

Stella knocks it out of the park for a 5 Star home run with this book! 

The relationships in this book were raw, emotional, funny and real. I loved not only the romance but the friendship this book portrayed. Definitely recommend. 


How To Date A Douchebag: The Learning Hours Review 

Review by Michelle

Graphic by Taylor

Rating:5 Stars

If you’re reading this, I’m already gone. I’ve finished the third How to Date a Douchebag book, The Learning Hours and I melted into the couch. This book tops them all. I could not put them down. Have you ever read a book where you had to set an alarm to remember the real world? Yeah I had to do just that. I officially LOVE the D! 



How To Date a Douchebag:The Learning Hours Review 

Review and Graphic by: Taylor

Rating: 5 fan-freaking-tastic stars 


With each book Ney writes, her words climb deeper into my soul. With this latest book, she’s never going to be able to get rid of me as a stalker, ahem, I mean fan. 

Ney always manages to make me feel something with each book. Sometimes it’s anger, other times it’s laughter and happiness. But no matter what she writes, I always have a chest full of emotions.

I LOVED the main characters, even when I wanted to throat punch them for being kind of a douche. Because that’s what Ney does to you! She makes you like the douche even when you shouldn’t! (Damn her!) 

I love how she writes characters that remind me of my friends and I. They are all sarcastic and funny and sometimes perverted. It definitely connects me to the characters and really holds all of my attention. I read this book in a matter of 4 hours. It was THAT freaking good! 
This is most definitely on my top reads of 2017! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to just have a great time with a book. 
Make sure to go to our Facebook page for a chance to win an UNCORRECTED ARC copy of this book signed by the amazing Sara Ney! Contest will be up by 2pm CST on 9/21/17 and go until 6pm CST on 9/26/17! 


The Atonement of Lucas: Review 

Review by: Michelle 

Graphic: by Taylor 

Rating:5 stars

This book, like every other I’ve read by Kris was absolutely amazing. It can be read as a stand alone or as the 4th in the series. we follow Lucas on his journey after all hell broke loose on earth. Angels and Demons are real, and the path they leave behind is one of destruction. 

Kris writes such strong characters that people can’t help but fall in love with. Such is the case with Lucas and Amelia. 

I highly recommend this book along with the others by Kris. When you’re done send her a message or join her groups on Facebook and gush about this book along with me! 5 stars Kris! Amazing job!!

About the book: 

THE ONLY PERSON I’VE EVER LOVED was taken from me during the first reaping several months ago. I don’t know how, or why, but something changed inside me, turning me into something I never knew existed. Sasha came into my life and saved me, teaching me to use the powers I’d known so little about. But saving me wasn’t her end goal. She handed me over to the Fallen like I meant nothing to her, and now, revenge is all I see. Destroying those who screwed me fills my every thought but there’s one thing standing in my way. He came along and became the one Fallen I don’t think I can live without.

TROUBLE SHOULD HAVE BEEN HER NAME. When I found her planting a bomb on the compound, I threw her in a cell, leaving her the option to cooperate or starve. I should kill her and put an end to the suffering she’s determined to impose on all of us, but there’s just something about her that keeps holding me back. The friction between us is explosive. I can’t resist her when she gets that look in her eye, and she damn well knows it.


Thre Little Lies Novella Series:Review 

Review and graphic by: Taylor

Rating: 5 Stars

I love Ney! I love all the books of hers I’ve read so far and she never fails to blow me away with her words! 

For novellas I’m so impressed with how sucked into the journey I got! These books were fun, flirty, and a little dirty! I couldn’t get enough! 

If you love yourself a quick little flirty read, I definitely recommend these books. I’m so glad I read them because I can’t imagine having not! 

Now I just need to read her series with M.E. Carter and the newest douchebag book and I’ll be all caught up in the world of Ney.